Many people don't understand who casino streamers are and how they operate. They are promotional agents of specific establishments with one goal - to attract new players. In the past, they received separate salaries in the form of money and bonuses, but later it evolved into working through affiliate programs (CPA or RevShare). Streamers are unconcerned about the financial outcomes of games; their aim is to create content with clownish antics and sensationalism for the audience.

Some casino owners even stream themselves to avoid paying percentages to various streamers. They prefer to keep their scheme of unlimited fun payouts disguised as real money and use promotional accounts, even skipping royalties to providers.

Most top casino streamers play with virtual currency, commonly referred to as "real money." However, they might showcase substantial bets and wins to create an exciting atmosphere and capture viewers' attention. This is all part of their entertainment content, serving a marketing purpose.

Streamer's video with mega win

You should understand that when a streamer is gambling with thousands of dollars, it could be one of these scenarios:

a) The streamer is very skilled and is playing with money from their affiliate partnership with a top casino. This covers their expenses for generating traffic.

b) The casino credits the streamer's account with real money (like "fun money" but in unlimited amounts), but the streamer can't withdraw it. This is often considered as an advertising cost by the casino, and they don't credit large amounts this way.

c) The casino registers multiple promotional accounts with the game providers. This allows the streamer to play with increased odds but without paying royalties. This is often noticeable because the streamer is restricted to specific providers and games, and they play the same slots/games for months.

d) Some casinos provide "pirate" scripts to streamers, allowing them to play with exaggerated odds, making it seem like they're winning massively. These scripts are hosted on controlled servers and can manipulate the game outcomes.

Keep in mind that each of these scenarios has different implications for the streamer's gameplay and winnings.