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This is a comprehensive platform designed exclusively for experienced players within the online casino community. With CMP you will discover a wealth of valuable insights, expert tips, and in-depth reviews that are essential for mastering the art of casino gameplay. Whether you're seeking strategic advice to enhance your odds, detailed analyses of various games, or updates on the latest industry trends, CMP has it all covered. Our forum is your go-to resource for honing your skills, making informed decisions, and maximizing your success while engaging in casino activities.

Casino Players PRO (CMP) Forum

Get ready to see a rare forum where there are no advertisements for dubious online casinos, stupid topics about the game and old strategies.

We analyze in detail the mathematics of how gaming machines (slots) work, playing roulette, assessing risks and chances for a casino player - from the point of view of probability theory and real practice.

Casino Mining Pool (CMP) is a forum for experienced players who share their reviews of the best casino games, as well as tips on how to win more and lose less. We develop strategies and software that help players win at casinos.

Стань участником форума CMP

Each player comes with their own stories, problems and mistakes. Our task is to gain this experience, generalize it and improve the playing skills of all participants.

I'm crazy crazy! It blows my mind at the moment. Just how can I control myself? Who can teach you how to play roulette correctly? I often ran into limits of $250 per number...

1) How can I avoid going on tilt when I have a series of losses?

2) How can I avoid looking for the upstreak I came up with so that I can play an incredible amount in minutes? Most often, this is self-deception and when the bet is raised to the maximum, uncertainty automatically sets in, and this will definitely be a loss later...

3) How to stop while playing?

4) How to go to bed if you have a little money left for an excuse?

How can you tolerate all this...) It’s not just at roulette! I have this in my life. I have 25 years of gaming experience. On slots, I could immediately raise 10 thousand from a deposit of 50 bucks and lose them, without even waiting for the first payment, fill everything with a high roll...

<...> Because of the bait, I can’t sleep at night. The psyche and vegetative system burned out. For half the day I want to die, for the second half of the day I really want to live <to pay off my debts>.

Азартный игрок в казино



Game strategy

A winning game in a casino begins with a complete stop, restructuring of accumulated debts and studying the theoretical foundations. How long it will take to sort out the rubble from problems depends only on you. During this time - 100% without playing, you must thoroughly study the materials of the CMP forum.

This will help you understand mistakes, change broken patterns and arm yourself with good strategies. Next, within the framework of a competent and safe BRM, you can return to casino games to practice the acquired skills and consolidate new rules.

It is not known which hole you played in before, but your ultimate success depends on the right choice of casino. Stay away from establishments filled with greedy scripts and fake games from popular global providers.

CMP constantly monitors player feedback and data from its affiliate programs. Only reliable online casinos with good returns and fast payouts are suitable for winning longran games.

20 July 2024

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We are not saying that we have a universal simple strategy that can be guaranteed to beat the casino!

But we know for sure that if you play correctly, you will make fewer stupid mistakes and lose money stupidly. You will also become better at squeezing out favorable turns - making more money where possible.

With such a balance of skills, the whole casino game becomes 98% practically break-even, an everyday and very routine activity, but with periodic powerful winnings.

The Casino Mining Pool (CMP) forum is your starting point to new horizons in gambling. You need to stop wasting your money and start working with your head.


The path of a PRO player is a long-term and constant work on mistakes, a fight against negative mathematical expectation and adaptiveness in the casino. Only with this approach fantastic prospects open up, when even the wildest dreams become reality!



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