Powerful program

For a long run game of roulette with greate possibility to increase x10 your deposits

All types roulettes

It play with live dealers and any random number generators (RNG)

Cross-platform use

You can install program "RouletteMining" on PC or Android device

Program "Roulette Mining" - players CMP Award Winner

+ Auto Clicker Bot

Latest development is the Roulette Mining (RM) program for playing European roulette. The best algorithms for playing roulette inside this program. Built-in clicker bot can independently place bets during the game.

+ Program for Win-64, Win-32, Android

This is a universal powerful clicker bot for PC and powerful betting-calculator for mobile devices, that will easy to double deposit in any casinos.

Advanced players choose roulette!

 In the best slots you can get to the period of 500-1000 spins without any free and bonuses.
 The mathematics of roulette is not in -2.7% negative mathematical expectation (-ME). If someone loses -$2,000 this does not mean that the next one will win +$1,946.
 There are only 37 numbers on European roulette. Every spin the ball will fall into one of them. Payment for "an plen" is 1:36.
 Imagine a slot in which the bonus game total bet x36 comes on average 1 time in 37 spins. Oops! Many casinos do not expose roulette in their assortment of games.
 Draw conclusions.

Program RouletteMining - play like a PRO!

The program interface is very simple and convenient for playing roulette. It's more than roulette prediction software strategy is based Atoms on calculating the roulette patterns. These codes are used distortions in statistics, roulette adaptive's algorithm, frequency fluctuations and other professional game strategies. For tests play roulette online free and instantly, no registration required. Play roulette here with program Roulette Mining like a PRO! 
1. The game is built on standalone modules. Each atom is a separate professional strategy game. The program automatically watches which strategy copes better with the current generation of spins and offers the player a ready bet set.
2. The program implemented a overall bankroll management and a system to combat with the counter-generation of casinos. It's no secret that any casino controls the game. We are trying to extract additional profit from this.
3. The potential of the program "RouletteMining" is to deduce an initial deposit of 1000 chips for x10, i.e. earn for the player +10000 chips. It is this approach that can ensure a painless recovery from minimal deposits to large profits.
4. The program works with any roulette. If you correctly choose the scale of the game and choose a normal casino, then in case of a loss, it will be small money. In the case of successful alignment of gaming sessions, you can achieve impressive results.

An example of roulette simple game

The "Roulette Mining" program is a universal powerful calculator of bets that will double (!) deposit in any casino.

This program works with any kind of roulette, in any casino. The auto-clicker feature is only available for PC users. Owners of Android smartphones and tablets can use this program at any time as a standalone betting calculator on their mobile devices.

RM in casino Profit

1) Casino Profit ►

Deposit: 100 usd
0.10 usd / chip
Pay out: +1000 usd
fairness control SHA-256 & Zip
(can not beat bets!)
minimum chip 0.10 usd
maximum in number 20 usd
pay norm 0-1 days

2) Casino Playamo ►

Deposit: 1000 usd
1 usd / chip
Pay out: +10'000 usd
LIVE Evolution Gaming
first in SoftSwiss group
minimum chip 1 eur/usd
maximum 50 eur/usd
pay fast 0-1 days

3) Joy Casino ✈

Deposit: 10'000 usd
10 usd / chip
Pay out: +100'000 usd
The best casino by Posh Friends -
fast pay any sum of win
minimum chip 1 euro/usd
maximum 100-200 (VIP)
pay fast 100K at 3-5 days

Free download program "RouletteMining"

❁ Free download: You can download and use the "Roulette Mining" program (OS Win-64, Win-32, Android) with an auto-clicker of bets. 
⚠ Disclamer: This software is supplied by Casino Mining Pool according to the "AS IS" principle, all risks have the user.

Casino Mining Pool

 The inscription on the dollar "E pluribus unum" became the slogan of the Casino Mining Pool. This phrase in Latin best describes the processes of monetary extraction occurring here.
 "Mining" (engl. "mining" - extraction of minerals, mine development), a form of obtaining real profits, similar to gold mining.
Special thanks for Boris Ruban (Shpilevoy) for the competent setting of the basics of the game.