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Decent online casinos and scammers

In every business there are reliable suppliers of goods and services that have earned their reputation over the years, and there are lacerations and scammers. The world of online gambling is not exception. The organizers of the casino can conduct business in completely different ways. Some honestly works and provides the best online games; provides players with quality service and maintenance.

Others, on the contrary, are only ready to accept deposits from players, and when it comes to paying out winnings, they tighten payments in every way, make it harder to verify the account; under different pretexts they cancel applications for withdrawal, rewrite limits and rules; they can even block an account with complete  money confiscation. The larger the amount of winnings, the more difficult it is for the player to get it.

It is important for the game to choose a trustworthy casino and stay away from the scam.

The main thing that you must understand from the device of an online casino is that it is an ordinary enterprise with financial planning and lots of expenses. The main goal of any business is to make a profit. Revenues of the largest Western casinos are reaching hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
There are hundreds of normal casinos on the market which are oriented on a long perspective in their work. They are difficult to compare with each other etc. in their desire to provide the highest quality services, they are very similar.

Criteria for choosing the best casinos:

• how wide is a choice of providers
• how complete is the games` lines for each provider
• guarantees of fair play and security
• casino popularity
• hidden conditions in the work rules, restrictions
• How many payment systems does the casino support?
• how much quick payout of winnings
• what is the player's identity verification system
• the adequacy of customer service
• sapid bonuses with normal conditions of their acting out
• casino solvency
• players reviews about problems with this casino
• casino history and reputation
• casino Affiliate Program

Let`s consider in detail every of the indicated selection criteria:

"How wide is a choice of providers"

- Every player has a favorite set of games and it's good when all these games are collected on one casino site;

- Microgaming company with a scandal has terminated the contract with SoftSwiss for trying to interfere math games and dozens of white labels SoftSwiss lost the games of Microgaming overnight (today the companies have already agreed on cooperation), so it's quite dangerous to play in a casino where there are no "microbes";

- providers like Playtech are strongly against neighborhood with other platforms, so there are many casinos in which can be only one line of games, but in an ideal full original design;
"How complete the games ` lines for each provider"

 - the casino owner completes a variety of games himself and there are funny cases when a provider is declared on the site, but there are actually 1-2 games;

 - how quickly there are new items;


"Guarantees of fair play and security"

- the casino can guarantee the fairness of the game by special mechanisms based on preliminary archives, electronic signatures MD5 and SHA256, but there is small amount of such casinos;

- using of licensed games by major global providers is considered a sufficient guarantee of fair play, but is it really so?


"Casino popularity"

- how many players play in this casino? It is a very important question because the more people play, the richer is the casino and larger amounts of money can operate;

- every player tries several different casinos and "settles" in the best, so the more players in the casino, the more reliability parameters are met;
"Hidden conditions in the work rules , restrictions"

 - There are a lot of critical situations, especially those related to the withdrawal of winnings and the laundering of bonuses, which could have been avoided if the players had read the Rules;

- The rules of some casinos are hostile to the players and contain a lot of unacceptable points;


"How many payment systems does the casino support?"

 - for the convenience of a player in the casino, there must be gateways with those payment systems with which you are comfortable to work;

• The most popular way of settlement is VISA card (EURO, USD). There are casinos that can withdraw VISA money within in 1 hour, but in most cases, a payment on the card from the casino will take 2-3 days. Instant payments are the advantage of various electronic currencies. When you choose the electronic wallet, take care of the possibility of binding your bank card to it and pay attention to the amount of commissions for transfers.


"How quick are the payouts of winnings"

- casinos that work in the old fashioned way delay the processing of the application for withdrawal in every way. They hope that the player will cancel the payment and lose all his money;

- good casinos process withdrawals of money automatically within a few hours;

- large winnings may require additional verification and verification of the account by the security service of the casino such checks may be normal, but can endure the brain and delay payment in every possible way;

- very large winnings (high rollers) can be broken up into parts and displayed almost six months, so immediately interested in the established order of payment of the amount, for example in $50'000;


"What is the player's identity verification system"

- it is normal when you are asked to provide a scan of any document proving your identity (passport, driver's license, etc.) and the verification process takes up to 24 hours;

- it is not normal if you require studio photos with the readable passport in hand or a Skype conference with the casino employee;


"Adequacy of the customer support"

- when you have questions about casino operation, interface, bonuses, payments, etc., you contact the support chat service and the answers should be fast, accurate and useful;


"Sapid bonuses with normal conditions of their acting out"

 - casinos like to propose players different profitable offers such as "bonus for registration" or "200% bonus on deposit";

 - do not pay attention to the centrally-priced frispy and on bonuses with a wager more than x30;

• Some "smart aleck" write in an advertisement quite acceptable wagering x20, but consider it from a joint deposit and bonus amount, which actually means x40 to the bonus amount. Others in the rules can set a time limit of 1 hour to win back the bonus and you will not be told anything. The third limit the maximum bet during the winning of the bonus and if you accidentally violate this rule, they will refuse to convert. There may still be restrictions on the list of games for the laundering of the bonus, or in some games, only % of the total bet is credited. You should add here possible limits on the maximum winnings from the bonus and the fact that with an active bonus, first of all you spend your real money from the balance. I hope it is clear that bonuses are weights to your deposit and you need to understand what you sign up for when you agree to accept any "gift" from the casino.


"Casino solvency"

 - do not play where you can not pay a major win, always check the reputation of the casino, study the feedback of other players on the forums;

• All the largest betting and poker rooms online have sections of casino games with the same assortment from the best world providers. But unlike most "regular" online casinos, betting and poker can pay winnings of $ 100'000 immediately, without monthly limits and poorly concealed pain.


"Players Reviews about problems with this casino"

- it is always better to learn from other people's mistakes. You don`t have to be lazy, find and read reviews of players in the Internet;

- remember that most of the information is written by affiliates and competitors, so everything is critical;


"The casino history and its reputation"

- the fact that online casinos have existed for many years is not a sign of its reliability and quality, the best sign of good reputation is popularity and respect among players;

- the reputation of a casino personally for you should be measured only by your personal achievements in each particular institution;


"Casino affiliate program"

- it is not superfluous to know the work conditions of the casino with affiliates, RevShare more than 30% says that in this casino very few players who often derive really huge gains.