Powerful program

For a long run game of roulette with greate possibility to increase x10 your deposits

All types roulettes

It play with live dealers and any random number generators (RNG)

Cross-platform use

You can install program "RouletteMining" on PC or Android device


Why do you play in a casino?

 In a casino you can easily win a lot of money, but you lose a lot more. You have won many times, but in the end you have more losses.

 Every time you try to play better, but in long run the casino wins. Gambling can cause addiction. Be responsible.

 In some cases, you do not have enough experience or peace of mind, in others cases you do not have reserve of money or a good strategy for the game.

 Today you will understand how the best professionals achieve success. Pulling money from the casino is a tedious but pleasant job. 

98.5% mega wins is scam!

 We want to upset you.
 Almost all videos and screenshots of mega wins in the casino are the work of affiliates - advertising partners of the casino. The casino gives them endless deposits and they spin games to lure as many people as possible. Affiliates promote referral links and receive % of the sum of all the money lost by players.
 Impressed by the games of different bloggers/affiliates, people think that it is easy to win huge money in a casino and for this you need to make large deposits and play at large bets. We tracked a lot of real high rollers - they all lost money.

 There are few plus players and they play differently.


The true online casino.

 Advanced players know casinos where they can play:
  • Excellent reputation
  • Fast payments of large wins
  • A variety of games from the world's best providers
  • Fat bonuses and promo for regular players
 Today more than 50% of all online casinos are scammers. Drawn licenses, fakes of famous slots and delays in payments. The player needs to be very careful!
 In absolute priority to play in a casino with fairness control - 100% guarantee that the casino does not interfere in the game and does not take your money. 
 In all other cases, relations are built only on image and blind trust.

Advanced players choose roulette!

 In the best slots you can get to the period of 500-1000 spins without any free and bonuses.
 The mathematics of roulette is not in -2.7% negative mathematical expectation (-ME). If someone loses -$2000, this does not mean that the next one will win +$1946.
 There are only 37 numbers on European roulette. Every spin the ball will fall into one of them. Payment for "an plen" is 1:36.
 Imagine a slot in which the bonus game total bet x36 comes on average 1 time in 37 spins. Oops! Many casinos do not expose roulette in their assortment of games.
 Draw conclusions.


program for players who do not need to explain the advantages of playing roulette
☜♡☞ Roulette foreva ☜♡☞
1. The game is built on standalone modules. Each atom is a separate professional strategy game. The program automatically watches which strategy copes better with the current generation of spins and offers the player a ready bet set.
2. The program implemented a overall bankroll management and a system to combat with the counter-generation of casinos. It's no secret that any casino controls the game. We are trying to extract additional profit from this.
3. The potential of the program "RouletteMining" is to deduce an initial deposit of 1000 chips for x10, i.e. earn for the player +10000 chips. It is this approach that can ensure a painless recovery from minimal deposits to large profits.
4. The program works with any roulette. If you correctly choose the scale of the game and choose a normal casino, then in case of a loss, it will be small money. In the case of successful alignment of gaming sessions, you can achieve impressive results.

An example of an advanced player's path

 Start $10, a long and tedious game in 4 casinos. All the profits received are aimed at enlarging the scale of the next game. If successful, the player gets the finish of +$100'000.
 Reality, but long in time. In case of total loss at any stage of the journey, for the player it will be absolutely painless loss of the firs deposit  -$10. 
 This is the whole charm of the game of roulette! 

BetVoyager >>

Deposit: 10 euros
Start:  1000 chips x 0.01 euro
Finish: +10000 chips
Pay out: +100 euros 
fairness control SHA-256
(can not beat bets!)
minimum chip 0.01 euro
maximum in number 100 euro
pay so long 2-3 days

Profit >>

Deposit: 100 usd
Start:  1000 chips x 0.10 usd
Finish: +10000 chips
Pay out: +1000 usd
fairness control SHA-256 & Zip
(can not beat bets!)
minimum chip 0.10 usd
maximum in number 20 usd
pay norm 0-1 days

Playamo >>

Deposit: 1000 usd
Start:  1000 chips x 1.00 usd
Finish: +10000 chips
Pay out: +10'000 usd
LIVE Evolution Gaming
first in SoftSwiss group
minimum chip 1 eur/usd
maximum 50 eur/usd
pay fast 0-1 days

LeonBets (+100K USD)

Deposit: 10'000 usd
Start:  1000 chips x 10.00 usd
Finish: +10000 chips
Pay out: +100'000 usd 
LIVE Evolution Gaming
large bookmaker company
minimum chip 1 euro/usd
maximum 100-200 (VIP)
pay fast 100K at 3-5 days

Download "RouletteMining"

 We do not give any guarantees. The RouletteMining program is delivered on an "as is" basis. Download the installation file, run it on your device and for the first time practice in demo modes of different casinos.

 You should understand that the chances of earning money are less than the probability of completely losing them. We focus on adult citizens, with experience in casino games. The casino is not a source of rapid enrichment. Here there are military actions between experienced players and owners of different casinos. 

Casino Mining Pool

 The inscription on the dollar "E pluribus unum" became the slogan of the Casino Mining Pool. This phrase in Latin best describes the processes of monetary extraction occurring here.
 "Mining" (engl. "mining" - extraction of minerals, mine development), a form of obtaining real profits, similar to gold mining.
Special thanks for Boris Ruban (Shpilevoy) for the competent setting of the basics of the game.